How do you differentiate Object Oriented Programming with Procedural Programming?

At a high-level, see the below differences between procedural and object-oriented programming.

Procedural Programming Object-Oriented Programming
The Procedural programming is a programming paradigm that divides the problem into logical modules that are procedures/functions, which are a sequence of steps. The Object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm that focuses on the abstraction and real world objects.
In this, procedure /functions and data are separated. In OOP, the data and the methods are bound together as classes/objects.
In this, some level of re-usability and modularity can be achieved. OO programming follows certain principles: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and benefits more reusability, modularity, and pluggability.
In procedural, it might raise more runtime errors and difficult to maintain the large code. The OOP is, in general, to address the issues with procedural programming, also have fewer runtime errors and easy to maintain the large code.
Example languages: BASIC, C, Pascal etc. Example languages: Java, C++ etc.

Author: Jagadesh Babu Munta

Jagadesh Babu Munta is working as a Consulting Member of Technical Staff with Oracle America Inc. He has been with Oracle and Sun Microsystems together for over 16 years (since June 2000) in USA. Jagadesh has overall 20+ years of Software development and quality/testing experience. Jagadesh's experience has been filled recently with Cloud PaaS services, Multi-Tenancy, Security and Penetration testing. In the past, he extensively worked on Java EE servers like SailFin/GlassFish/Sun Java System/iPlanet/Netscape Application Servers. Jagadesh has gained extensive expertise in software automation, designing frameworks, writing tools, scripts, creating tests, writing specs/plans, etc. Jagadesh is interested in developing and testing complex software useful to up-level the humanity. Jagadesh Munta holds M.S. in Software Engineering from San Jose State University, California, USA; B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from J.N.T.U., Hyderabad, India; Special Diploma in Electronics with Specialization in Computer Engineering, G.I.O.E, Secunderabad, India. Jagadesh Munta was born in Nellore, AP., India and lives with family in Fremont, California, USA.

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